Our Executive and Leadership Bootcamps focus on developing strategies for success.

One-on-one and group sessions enable executives to quickly focus on creating strategies that drive business value around Transformation, Social Business, and Innovation.  The resulting information is used to develop a blueprint for rolling out strategies quickly and adding value immediately.


Transformation: Digital transformation is impacting nearly every business throughout the world. How a company capitalizes on this opportunity operationally and from a talent perspective is critical. We help you tackle the transition by incorporating the latest thinking and approaches to your business.

Social Business: From social business strategy at a corporate level that evaluates the impact that social has on all elements of your business to public and private enterprise social networks (ESNs) our focus is broad and multifaceted to take advantage of all the opportunities that “social” presents to the business. Our 1-on-1 sessions focus on individual goals in the areas of Personal Social Media Strategy and “Work Social” – Your Internal Social Media Strategy

Innovation: Innovation is no longer entrusted solely to R&D or small niche groups. In order to become competitive, companies must tap into the ideas of their employees. Crowdsourcing innovation is a critical tool to unleashing hidden resources within the corporation.

Techstra Solutions also offers customized programs to meet your needs.

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Interested in learning more about our C-Level Bootcamps or Executive programs?  Please contact us at Bootcamp@Techstrasolutions.com and we will be happy to discuss our program options.