Is Talent a critical element of your business strategy?

High growth in demand is expected to continue for digitally enabled skillsets: data science, technology, security, etc. At the same time, the talent market continues to contract as birthrates decline.

“A massive skills gap exists today… an all-time high, 79% of companies indicated a shortage of critical skills available in the labor pool.”

Aberdeen Group’s Best Practices:
Identify High Potentials Before You Lose Them

Almost every company, in every industry, is seeking the same skillsets. Competition is fierce. How do you distinguish yourself and remain attractive in a “talent driven” market?  The winners will actively manage their Talent Transformation© and talent portfolios.

Techstra Solutions offers the following Talent Management Services:

  • The Techstra GAP Model is an innovative approach that stewards into the organization high demand Masters and PhD level talent to accomplish mission critical projects, immediately adding value and scale.
  • Talent Transformation: Talent Portfolio Assessment, Multi-Generational Workforce, Policies
  • Coding Bootcamps: Teaching people with a variety of backgrounds to become software developers and immediately contribute to critical projects
  • Opportunity & Growth: Employee Experience, Candidate Journey, Training & Development, Recognition & Rewards


We focus on the following areas of digitally enabled skillsets:

  • Multi-Cloud
  • DevSecOps
  • Data Science
  • AI/ML
  • Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Security
  • Media/Enterprise Social
  • Legacy Technology

Techstra Solutions also frequently need other hard to find roles for our projects. If your position of interest is not listed,
please let us know.

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