Use internal social media collaboration tools to improve the way you work and innovate.

What could it do?

  • Align the team with your specific goals and priorities
  • Unify the global team across geographies – creating a community
  • Create synergies within a discipline and across disciplines
  • Enable conversations and relationships that did not exist before
  • Highlight leaders and experts while creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders to emerge and be visible
  • Leverage the knowledge base of your network: enabling others to tap into the resources available and the experience of others, sharing of best practices, and minimizing reinvention
  • Centralize the work that is being done in one place so that all intellectual knowledge is captured
  • Test new ideas and innovations
  • And much more…

McKinsey & Company estimates that the following improvements are possible:

  • 20-25% potential improvement possible in knowledge worker productivity by using social technologies
  • 2x potential value from better enterprise communication and collaboration compared with other social technology benefits

Even if you are able to capture a percentage of that improvement, the impact can be substantial to your organization and help you achieve your goals.